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Aug 8, 2023

In November 2000, Scotty Wentzell was born with a serious congenital heart defect and a chromosomal disorder that causes physical and developmental delays. With the help of his parents, Lisa and Scott, and many organizations specializing in assisting people of many different abilities, Scotty has been able to go on amazing adventures throughout his life. Recently, Lisa co-authored a book with Heidi Bullen named, “A Dog and His Boy, The Adventures of Spillway and Scotty,” detailing the adventures of Scotty’s life with his stuffed dog, Spillway. Listen to this episode to learn more about spreading a message of inclusion and acceptance through storytelling and book talks 

4:00 Scott describes Scotty’s birth 

8:08 Scotty shares a message 

9:01 Lisa explains how Spillway and Scotty met and how Spillway got his name 

11:33 Scotty says how much he has enjoyed being on the book tour 

12:14 Lisa talks about her career 

15:37 Lisa explains how her mindset shifted to start writing “A Dog and His Boy” and sharing their story. 

19:28 Heidi shares how she got involved with “A Dog and His Boy.” 

22:29 – Scott talks about what it has been like to watch Lisa and Heidi on their journey of writing this book.  

26:46 – Scott shares his hopes for the book.  

30:03 – Scott provides some details on the song that has been written about Scotty and Spillway.  

32:10 – Heidi describes what it has been like doing book talks.  

36:11 – Lisa reads a testimonial: 

Today was an absolute top moment of my career. It was one of those days that has proven I am doing exactly what I'm supposed to, where I'm supposed to, surrounded by the most amazing staff and students. We were able to create an environment where all our intensive needs students were accepted and successfully together to listen to an incredible story of friendship and acceptance for a full hour. We even got to share the story with our mainstream classes thanks to the power of technology. Inclusion matters. Everyone go out and support the amazing Lisa Wentzell, Scotty and Spillway. They have left a long-lasting impression on us and are the absolute sweetest. 

38:14 – Lisa, Scott and Heidi share some resources that have been helpful for them.  



The kids just really take to Scotty and that's the whole point. We want them to be comfortable with Scotty. We want them to be comfortable with people like Scotty and not be afraid to go up to them and make a friend, have a friendship, so all the positive stuff that comes out of this makes you want to go back for more. Lisa Wentzell 

One of the ways we found out about a lot of the activities and organizations that we've engaged with, with Scotty is through other parents, other families and word of mouth. As much as we wanted to tell Scotty's story, we also wanted to shine a light on those organizations and let other families who might be in a similar position know that there is support out there, there are ways to do all these amazing activities no matter what your child's ability may be.” – Scott Wentzell  

I think the most important thing that we can do as educators is to teach children how important it is to include everybody, to make sure everybody belongs, to make sure you have empathy and you understand what other people are going through. I think as educators and us being able to go share this book with so many people and touching those lives of the children when they're young just makes for better human beings. Heidi Bullen  




Central Maine Power:  

Equip for Living Foundation:  

Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation:  

Special Olympics:  

Best Buddies Maine:  

Riding to the Top Therapeutic Riding Center:  

Portland Wheelers:  

Special Surfers:  

The Woodshed at Kennebec Cabin Company:  


About the guests:     

Lisa and Scott Wentzell moved to Maine full-time in 1993 when they both took jobs at Sugarloaf. By the late 90s, Lisa was the accounting manager and Scott was the marketing director. When their son, Scotty, was born in November of 2000 with a serious congenital heart defect and what they would soon learn was a chromosomal disorder that causes physical and developmental delays, they decided to move to the Portland area to be closer to his doctors and the services he was going to require.  

Lisa became a full-time mom with a career caring for Scotty, while Scott held positions at Thos. Moser handcrafted American furniture, James D. Julia Auctioneers and Maine magazine before his current position at WEX. Lisa and Scott are dedicated to assuring Scotty enjoys all that life has to offer. Lisa recently co-wrote a book with Heidi Bullen called, “A Dog and His Boy, The Adventures of Spillway and Scotty.” With the book’s success, Lisa and Scotty’s purpose now is to share their empowering message of inclusion, acceptance and friendship.  

Heidi Bullen is a National Board Certified third-grade teacher at Crescent Park Elementary School in Bethel, Maine, and a published author.   


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