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The PR Maven Podcast

The PR Maven® Podcast is the combination of traditional networking techniques combined with the power of social media to build your personal and professional brand. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand. Each week, Nancy connects with a special guest to talk about their career, and business or organization, as well as the latest news and events that will give listeners a unique perspective on the world of public relations, marketing and personal branding, including actionable takeaways.

Jan 8, 2019


About Michael Katz:

An award-winning humorist and former corporate marketer, Blue Penguin founder and Chief Penguin Michael Katz specializes in helping professional service firms and solos talk/write about their work in a way that is clear and compelling.

Since launching Blue Penguin in 2000, Michael has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week Online, Bloomberg TV,,, USA Today, and other national and local media.

He is the author of four books and has published more than 400 issues of “The Likeable Expert Gazette,” a twice-monthly email newsletter and podcast with 6,000 passionate subscribers in more than 40 countries around the world.

In this episode:

3:56 – How the internet changed his career path from websites to newsletters

6:46 – The value of having an e-newsletter and the contacts and content that makes it compelling

8:02 – How e-newsletters were the early beginning for blogs and how to leverage content

9:15 – What Michael would change about his career before he started his own business 

10:52 – Why Michael calls snail mail the secret weapon for marketers, because of the outstanding open rate

12:58 – The opportunity to stand out by writing birthday cards and thank you notes

14:30 – Michael's approach to sales and social media

16:00 – Examples of repurposing content and using the right channels to get in front of people

18:58 – Michael's thoughts on using communication tools with a strategy

20:32 – Michael's biggest obstacle in his career and how he handled it in the first five years of his company

26:04 – Why Michael Katz created his title and how it helps him stand out

29:16 – Working with the clients who love you and understanding why they love you

31:54 –The difficulty of measuring word-of-mouth marketing and likability

34:31 – The big net that Michael has cast to capture people's information and build a relationship with you

37:34 – How the hurdles of a newsletter are a lot like exercise

40:42 – Finding your skills and doing the things in your business where you can excel

44:02 – Why Michael's weekly goal is to have coffee with one person a week

46:14 – Realizing the demand for a product and finding a niche, how to be known for a certain thing; how to be narrow and how he became “The Newsletter Guy"

50:28 – Michael’s Royal Wedding referral that landed Nancy on FOX News to talk about the wedding for William and Kate Middleton


About content marketing:

“People come for the information, but it’s the human connection that they make that ultimately makes them know, like and trust you.” - Michael Katz, Chief Penguin at Blue Penguin Development

Including in this episode:

Bruce Springsteen, recording artist

William and Kate Middleton

FOX News interview with Nancy Marshall 

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