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The PR Maven Podcast

The PR Maven® Podcast is the combination of traditional networking techniques combined with the power of social media to build your personal and professional brand. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand. Each week, Nancy connects with a special guest to talk about their career, and business or organization, as well as the latest news and events that will give listeners a unique perspective on the world of public relations, marketing and personal branding, including actionable takeaways.

May 17, 2022

In today’s world, brands are constantly competing to spread their respective messages to millions of global consumers. Any brand hopes to distinguish itself from competitors, breaking through the noise and reaching those consumers with a message that resonates. 

The ultimate goal, of course, is to persuade the customer to buy, buy, buy. 

And today’s consumers aren’t always the easiest to persuade. According to the 2019 “Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report,” barely one-third of customers (34%) trust most of the brands that receive their hard-earned dollars. Edelman’s survey found that brand trust is a deal-breaker for more than 80% of consumers when they’re considering a purchase. 

This sounds like common sense: Trust the brand, and people will buy. But it’s not so straightforward to establish that trust. 

Brand trust is also increasingly valuable currency, given the rising purchasing power of a millennial generation that is traditionally skeptical of big business. Nearly 85% of millennials don’t appreciate traditional advertising because they don’t trust the messengers. 

So how do you establish trust? 

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The article read in this episode originally appeared on the Forbes Agency Council CommunityVoice™ in February 2020. 


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