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The PR Maven Podcast

The PR Maven® Podcast is the combination of traditional networking techniques combined with the power of social media to build your personal and professional brand. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand. Each week, Nancy connects with a special guest to talk about their career, and business or organization, as well as the latest news and events that will give listeners a unique perspective on the world of public relations, marketing and personal branding, including actionable takeaways.

Apr 13, 2021

In this special episode, Nancy is joined by Greg Glynn to talk about some changes to The PR Maven Podcast. Among the changes, the podcast will be live-streamed to the PR Maven ® Nation Facebook group and Marshall Communications YouTube page when recorded. Join PR Maven® Nation for early access to episodes! The podcast will also start to be launched bi-weekly. In addition to these exciting changes, Nancy and Greg celebrate the 30th anniversary of Marshall Communications by recalling some of their favorite moments.

4:11 – Greg talks about some changes that are being made to the podcast, including recording on StreamYard.

7:46 – Greg explains why podcasting has become so popular.

10:59 – Greg describes the similarities and differences between pitching podcasts, TV and radio.

17:21 – Greg talks about the awards the PR Maven® Podcast has won recently.

23:17 – Nancy and Greg share some of their favorite projects they have worked on while reflecting on Marshall Communications’ 30 years in business.

26:21 – Nancy and Greg describe some of the funniest moments they have had while working at Marshall Communications.

30:31 – Nancy and Greg share some of the most memorable clients they have worked with.



“If you are going to pitch a podcast, you have to actually listen to the podcast - at least one episode – because you have to have a feel for the person’s personality and the guests they typically have on.” – Greg



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About the guest:    

Greg is the perfect guest for today’s episode because we have officially transitioned to StreamYard for broadcasting the podcast, this means in addition to being available on your favorite podcast player, the PR Maven Podcast is also available on Facebook and YouTube. Greg’s broadcasting background and experience helped launch the podcast back in 2018 and he has again worked to take the podcast to the next level. Greg has his broadcasting degree from Quinnipiac University and was the play-by-play voice of the Portland Pirates from 2004 to 2009. He earned his APR from the Public Relations Society of America in 2016 and has been with Marshall Communications for 12 years.

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Twitter: @GregGlynn