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The PR Maven Podcast

The PR Maven® Podcast is the combination of traditional networking techniques combined with the power of social media to build your personal and professional brand. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand. Each week, Nancy connects with a special guest to talk about their career, and business or organization, as well as the latest news and events that will give listeners a unique perspective on the world of public relations, marketing and personal branding, including actionable takeaways.

Jan 23, 2024

In this episode, Caili Elwell joins Nancy to share her career journey from hospitality to food allergy advocacy using public relations. After discovering her daughter had severe food allergies, Caili made a career shift, opening Mother Eats Proper to grow the conversation around food allergies. Caili shares her approach to PR and branding through this lens, emphasizing a craveable narrative. Caili also talks about the idea behind her documentary, “How Do We Make It Better?” 

1:49 Caili explains how her career started in hospitality and tourism before shifting to PR. 

3:48 Caili talks about discovering her daughter’s food allergies and how that spurred a transition in her career 

7:58 Caili shares some details about the documentary she is working on 

10:57 Caili describes finding her path in hospitality 

18:00 Caili shares her approach to branding and public relations through a craveable narrative. 

19:53 Caili explains what is important to know when working with her 

21:10 Caili talks about meditation and grounding techniques 

24:19 Caili shares a resource that has been helpful to her 


Quote                                                                                                                                            This food allergy community, too, is so fiercely loyal. The second that we find a place that we like that takes really good care of us, we are going to advocate for your establishment and tell everybody about it. So, I think it's worth investing time and energy into training your staff around food allergies because you will grow a giant extra demographic of loyal customers. Caili Elwell, family food allergy advocate and public relations specialist/independent producer at Mother Eats Proper 



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Caili Elwell is the owner of Mother Eats Proper a space for food allergy brands, private chefs, and dining experiences to gain public relations, affiliate program, and brand partnership support. Caili has worked under great mentors and believes that the work to make a great change is never done. It is because of her 4-year-old daughter who has over seven severe food allergies and her background in food CPG branding and hospitality management that she decided to open her doors to food allergy-safe brands and spaces exclusively believing the conversation around the food allergy customer deserves more of non-allergy safe brands and establishments’ time.  


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